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Graphic design – (conceptualisation to print)

Graphic design of brochures, flyers, billboards, media campaigns, flyers, company stationary – corporate ID
Software platforms: Freehand, Coraldraw, Photoshop & other


Web promotion

Shoe Advert

Shoe advert

Cover graphic

Digital media - invite



Business card

Print media advert

NCT presentation folder


Presentation folder

DL brochure

Network Bar flyer

Industrial folder A4

Poster campaign

Web home page

CD cover

Print campaign


Property advert

DL business card attachment

Business card

Presentation folder

Poster campaign

Media flyer for publication

Electronic invite

Promotional banner

Business card

Web design Waterjet

Transport & media branding

Logo design

DL format with Z fold

Web promotion

Table Talker

Floor decal

Business card

Lightbox menu

DL menu

A4 print & web campaign

Logo design

Business card


Door decal

CD cover

Media fllyer

Media flyer

The Apprentice

Cover graphic - Filopur

Food Review imagery

Web design PCF Engineering




Media Cab

Somchen - monthly newsletter
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